Monday, October 11, 2010

First of One: A Fashion Collection by Furne One

Furne One, the Dubai-based Filipino designer behind the Amato haute couture brand, presented his latest collection in a show entitled First of One: A Fashion Collection by Furne One in Makati City's Makati Shangri-La on October 9th. 

Revealed were breath-taking gowns and dresses richly beaded and jewel-encrusted.  According to the designer's press materials "the collection highlighted lavish details with the ensemble paying homage to Queen Elizabeth I, the matriarch of the Golden Age of England in the 15th and 16th century; seen were an assortment of regal finery in structured shapes that create an expression of softness and power  embodying a woman of the current time parallel to the Virgin’s Queen commanding presence and gentility during the period of her highness’ reign; richly decorated pieces in light earth tones with touches of metallic hues such as gold and silver, were the shade of the collection."  Mannequins in colors of nude, beige, cream and eggshell white, complemented by darker shades like olivine and sepia, paraded on the catwalk. Note that the make-up was very bronzy. 

Looking at the creations, it becomes clear why Heidi Klum and Middle Eastern royalty are going gaga over One.